"I don’t want to make art just to fill empty walls, I want to paint pieces that mean something..."


When I started this adventure in 2012, Perry spent a lot of with me in the studio. I’d paint, Perry would supervise. I’d answer emails, Perry would nap. It really was a team effort! Eventually, the combination of my nickname and his became a natural fit for my art. These days the job of studio sidekick has been passed down to a little, grey kitty named Bennett. He is high spirited. little floof, so I apologize in advance for any paint paw prints on my work ;)


I 'm a self-taught, freehand artist that dabbles in a bit of everything related to paint. My first love was oil at the age of 13, but these days my work is mainly in acrylic & watercolor. Growing up in the heart of Northern Ontario, nature is a huge part of what inspires me. From the poses of the birds, to the curvature of the trees, I love depicting the world in raw, vivid color. Who says leaves need to be green!?

A new painting for me usually starts with layers of color and texture in the background. It isn’t uncommon for me to just dive in without a plan and see where the paint takes me. From there a background will sit anywhere from an hour to a few years before I decide what else will be added. Matching the perfect background to a foreground is a major part of my creative process.

I love that through Sasperry Designs I get the opportunity to create things that make people smile. I don’t want to make art just to fill empty walls, I want to paint pieces that mean something to my clients. With today’s fast paced, technology based world a lot of intimacy and sentimentality has been lost, so I love creating artwork that helps people reflect and feel thankful for all the love and family that surround them. When I get a message from a customer saying that their wife cried when they got my painting or when I receive a picture of a mother smiling opening one of my creations, I know that I am right where I am supposed to be. 


●The perfect sentimental gift for someone that has everything. It made my tough husband tear up to see our first dance sheet music on our first anniversary - Lauren M.

●Thanks so much Sarah!!! We love it! The personalization was great and made it that much more special to us!!!!!! It will be a big part of ours and our children's lives for years to come. - Colleen H.

●My wife can't wait to get this. She loves the painting and it was the first thing she wanted in our new home that we moved in this week. - Jason S.

●My friend LOVED the gift so much she packed it up to show her mom and grandmother in person, not just through Skype. Thank you! - Jillian L.

●Thank you so much!! My daughter who is seven says this is her favorite!! Thanks again!! - Jamie L.

●My brother and his fiancé were delighted with the picture you created just for them. They received it in time to proudly display it at their pre-wedding Henna night. Thank you for your creativity and your wonderful help and service in making a gift they will treasure forever.- Fleur W.

●My mom CRIED when she opened her gift! Thank you!!!!! - Alison B.

●My dad loved that I got him this. He was so surprised and thought it was a great way to remember our father/ daughter dance together. So happy with this purchase. Thank you!!! - Danielle P.

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