I create art that is bright, bold, and whimsical. Why?
Simply because that’s what makes me happy.
— Sarah C. Pilon

Healing With Art

It started with a few paintings posted online and grew into a passionate career. On the serendipitous day in 2012 that I picked up a paintbrush again, I could of never imagined the reach and impact that my art would have.

7 years later, I have had the privilege to create over 800 paintings for clients and collectors across the globe—an aspect of Sasperry that I deeply enjoy, but that truly comes second to the calm and purpose that my art has brought me.

After the onset of anxiety caused me to dropout of university, there were so many things that I hated about my constant panic, but what I loathed about it most of all? It made me feel embarrassed, ashamed, and frustrated.

I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t stick it out in university. Ashamed that I was no longer the academic overachiever. And frustrated that I couldn’t leave the house without some sort of panic. An abundance of negative feelings that stuck with me for many years and only started to dissipate after I found new purpose within my art. The road to better mental health has been winding, but for anyone else suffering, just know it gets better.


A New Beginning

I learned to paint in oils at the age of 13, but at 20 I found a new love in acrylics and watercolor. Today I create art that is bright, bold, and whimsical. Why? Simply because that’s what makes me happy. Growing up in the heart of Northern Ontario, nature is a huge part of what inspires me. From the poses of the birds, to the curvature of the trees, I love depicting the world in raw, vivid color. Who says leaves need to be green!?

A new painting for me usually starts with layers of color and texture in the background. It isn’t uncommon for me to just dive in without a plan and see where the paint takes me. From there a background will sit anywhere from an hour to a few years before I decide what else will be added. Matching the perfect background to a foreground is a major part of my creative process.

I love doing custom orders, so if you are looking for a painting with vivid colors, good vibes, and lots of life, you are in the right place!

You can checkout my commissions page here or contact me at sarah@sasperry.com


The Cat Behind The Name

When I started painting again in 2012, Perry spent a lot of time with me in the studio. I would paint, Perry would supervise. I would answer emails, Perry would nap. It really was a team effort! Eventually, the combination of my nickname and his became a natural fit for my art.

After I moved back North, Perry decided the frigid winters weren’t his style, so he spends his days with my parents by Lake Huron. The job of studio sidekick has been passed down to a little, grey kitty named Bennett who takes his job just as seriously—but he is a bit more mischievous when it comes to wet paint!